Our residence is wheelchair-accessible and our houses are equipped with adapted showers and toilets as well as a bed on the ground floor.

Parking is available.

One space per accommodation is always reserved for people with reduced mobility. The parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM) have :

  •     A width of 3.30 m and a length of 5 m;
  •     A slope and an incline of less than 3%;

An exterior walkway.

To allow access to the Residence from the roadway, the exterior walkway is accessible to all disabled persons. For this purpose, the outside path has :

  •     A minimum width of 1.20 m (which can be reduced to 90 cm over a very short distance);
  •     A slope of less than 3%;
  •     A non-flexible and non-slip surface;
  •     A slope of less than 6% with a rest stop every 10 m maximum (The slope can reach 10% over a length of less than 2 m and 12% over a length of less than 50 cm);
  •     No overhang of more than 2 cm (4 cm maximum if chamfered);
  •     No obstacle on the path or overhanging laterally by more than 15 cm;
  •     No hole or slot more than 2 cm in diameter or sideways;
  •     No break in level of more than 40 cm within 90 cm of the edge of the path.


In order for everyone to be able to locate and pass through the doors of our establishment, they meet very specific criteria:

  •     A width of more than 80 cm, that is to say a useful passage of 77 cm;
  •     A handle that is easy to grasp and manoeuvre without effort;
  •     A visual contrast in relation to their environment (The contrast can be on the entire door, its frame or its handle.);
  •     Sufficient space to manoeuvre in a wheelchair on either side of the door.

Characteristics of PRM rooms

Space above all! Rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility include :

  •     A manoeuvring space of 1.50 m in diameter so that a person in a wheelchair can turn around. Caution, this space must be outside the doorway and the bed's right of way.
  •     A circulation space 90 cm wide on at least one of the long sides of the bed ;
  •     A bed 40 to 50 cm high;
  •     A shower with no more than a 2 cm jump, with a grab bar and a removable seat;

    A toilet with grab bar and space for use along the toilet bowl (coming soon).